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Do you have free access to valuable health & wellbeing services?

Modern life can be stressful at the best of times but with the current situation we are all in it would be great to know that should we suffer from any form or mental illness or have any health concerns for ourselves or immediate family, we have professional services we can easily access.

Of course, such services can be accessed through the NHS but with the current pressure the NHS are experiencing another avenue for help & advice could prove invaluable.

Well, if you have protection policies in place - such as life cover, critical illness or income protection - you likely already have professional health & well being services available to you for free.

Does you provider off health & well being services?

The providers below account for the vast majority of protection policies that are in place in the UK & the good news is that all offer some form of health & wellbeing services to their members for free.

Even if you and your family are not in need of such services at present you may find it useful to familiarise yourself with what you protection provider can do to help should the need arise.

Click on the provider's name below to be taken to more information about how they can help.

I hope you find this information useful & if you have any queries please contact me.

Stay safe, Steve.

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